My First Dietitian Appointment

I finally got to see the dietitian today. The lady I saw was very nice and helpful. She was able to answer many of the questions I have. I’m on a pretty strict diet for the next four weeks. After that I can start to reintroduce some of the foods I have to avoid for now. Like watermelon!

There are more foods and sweeteners that I have to avoid now unfortunately. I’m pretty bummed out that I’m not supposed to have maple syrup anymore seeing how I love home made maple syrup. There will be times where I’ll have it with french toast or something. It definitely won’t be an every day thing. I’m also going to have to find new gum to chew because I can’t have the Xylitol or Sorbital that is in many different gums out there.

I’m also going to have to figure out some new BBQ sauces because I’m not supposed to have molasses anymore. It unfortunately has too much fructose in it or something like that. Although I may try a strictly cane sugar molasses. But the problem may be that the fructose and glucose aren’t bonded together. Apparently I can digest fructose that is attached to glucose that is a 50/50 combination but there isn’t really any way to tell this. I can have cane sugar though which makes me very happy.

I will probably be making more home made bread for the next moth. I’m not supposed to have any commercially made cookies, cakes or breads because of the fructose sweeteners that they may contain. These breads may also contain a fiber called inulin. I have to avoid all foods containing that for the next month which also means no chocolate for me ­čÖü

My dietitian believes that I may also have a Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth(SIBO)┬áproblem. But when I looked up the symptoms they’re the same as the ones for a fructose intolerance and countless other GI diseases/disorders. Even if I do have it the diet I will be on will starve out the bacteria so I’m not that concerned about it.

If my symptoms persist for more than four weeks I may have to go on a FODMAP┬ádiet. I already have a book coming that explains this diet so I will be doing some research on it just in case I need it. It will be an interesting month with all of these diet changes. I just can’t wait to start feeling better.

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