Good Days & Bad Days

As with any medical condition, you have good days and bad days. If you lucky you have more good days than bad but that isn’t always the case. At the worst I was having what I call “episodes” every other day while I was in college. An episode for me is the worst symptoms that are associated with a fructose intolerance. And it was absolutely horrible. To go through something like that for a week straight or more is so draining. I was so stressed out, exhausted, and chronically dehydrated. I was down to 113 lbs. I normally weigh around 125-130 lbs but I was down to 113 lbs in three months. Crazy right?

Things haven’t been that bad since I got out of college. Things still weren’t great but things haven’t been that bad in two years now. I still do have bad days though. Which suck. I still end up being dehydrated and fatigued. It also affects work and my personal life. I’ve had to take a day off before because I was feeling so shitty. I’ve also not been able to go on dates because of it. I used to never know when it was going to happen. I still don’t always know when it’s going to happen even with watching my food intake and keeping a food diary. Sometimes by body will warn me when it is going to freak out. But it’s not always a whole lot of time before it happens after I figure out what’s going on.

The good days are wonderful. I can do the stuff I want or need to get done. I don’t feel like I’m dragging around from the fatigue or feel super dehydrated. I really can’t wait until all of this is under control and it’s not affecting my life so much. When it happens I’ll have to figure out a way to celebrate that achievement.

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