Elimination Diet Update

My elimination diet has been over for about a week now. I’m definitely feeling better which makes me very happy. A couple of the symptoms that I was having that were really giving me some problems have calmed down quite a bit.  I’m still keeping up with my food diary. It’s been really helpful with figuring out what is making my stomach upset and what isn’t. Now that the elimination diet is over I can start introducing some more fruits and vegetables back into my diet. I have found out that I really need to watch how much of it I eat at a time when I’m trying to figure out how it will upset my stomach. Moderation for me is key and I really need to focus on that.

I’m still not doing the best with drinking between 1.5-3 quarts of water a day. It’s another thing I need to focus on. I really think that it could help some of my bowel problems. I just need to figure out the best way to go about it. I actually just looked up an app called Water Your Body that I’m going to try out. It’s for Android and it gives you reminders to drink enough water throughout the day. Hopefully it helps because I’m not doing so well on my own. I should also set up a calendar reminder to take my vitamins every day. Especially since I need to get my vitamin D up.

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