Symptom Flare Up

Go figure. Two days after I tell everyone that most of my symptoms have gone away but a few I have a flare up. I noticed the last day or two that my abdomen is getting very distended and I’ve been burping a lot. I have a feeling the culprit may be vinegar or I’ve just been eating too much chocolate recently. I’m not really sure. Unless the SIBO has come back 🙁

The main reason why I think that it may be the vinegar is because I’ve been eating a lot of pickles and prepared horseradish. I’ve also been making a white balsamic vinaigrette that I really like. All of these have vinegar in them. I’m not really sure if there’s types of vinegar that I’m not supposed to have. My dietician never mentioned it but some of the paperwork that I have from my GI specialist says that I can’t have apple cider vinegar. Food labels don’t really say what kind of vinegar is in the product. For all I know they are using apple cider vinegar.

I’m hoping that Monday or Tuesday I will get some time to call my dietician and ask her about it. Although it will probably be Tuesday because Monday will already be pretty busy with stuff for work. I definitely plan on taking it easy this weekend with the chocolate and other foods that do have vinegar in them. Hopefully my stomach will settle back down. I’d really rather not have to go back on a restricted diet for another 4 weeks.

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