Doctor Appt Update

I had my doctors appointment early this morning with my PCP(primary care physician). I told them what symptoms I was having and I’m all good to go back to see my GI specialist. Unfortunately I can’t get in there until November 19th. I will also probably have another colonoscopy which I am not looking forward too. I’m on a waiting list to get in sooner if there’s a cancellation and I’m really hoping there is. My PCP ordered some blood work, a urine analysis and I will be getting a pelvic ultrasound on Saturday. I think the lab tests are to check for infections. And the ultrasound is to see if everything is how it’s supposed to be I’m assuming. I’m hoping to hear back about the blood work within a day or two. It would be nice if they found something but at the same time I don’t want it to be anything too serious.

I will hopefully have another update for everyone in a day or two with the lab results. I’m not sure how long it will take for the ultrasound since I don’t have a timeline on how long it will take a radiologist to look at it. I’m hoping sooner rather than later.

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