Orchids Bloomed & New Flower Spikes


Two of my Phals have finished blooming within the last week. It’s the first time I’ve had this many blooms on an orchid that I’ve gotten to rebloom. It’s pretty exciting for me. Especially since I’ve only been doing this for about three years now and Orchid’s can be hard to get to rebloom.

My oncidium orchid has two flower spikes currently. I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve never gotten an orchid to rebloom with more than one flower spike. It will be interesting to see how many flowers it has this time around.

I also have a new orchid that may turn into a little bit of a project to get back to being healthy. My boyfriend got it for me a couple of weeks ago and when he brought it home he said that it looked like it needed some help. Which it does. It was a bit dehydrated when I got it and two of the leaves were very unhappy.IMG_4995 I was able to save two of the leaves but one of them ended up dying on it. After it is finished blooming I plan on repotting it. I also have two other orchids that need repotted. They came as a gift from a friend and they’re starting to outgrow the container their in. I may be able to just repot one of the orchids in that current container but I will be looking into getting a new orchid pot and I will also have to figure out what I want to plant the Lucky Bamboo into. It’s gotten pretty big since I’ve had it. It’ll give me something new to research.

IMG_4992I’m also in the works for buying a house. It’ll be nice to have some more room to live in but it also gives me an opportunity to have more room for Orchids. I really need to find a nursery around here that has some other species of orchids. A lot of the stores around here carry the same three varieties of orchid and I’d definitely like to expand my horizon in the orchid world. I may just have to order them online which I’d rather not do. I like to be able to see the plants I’m buying. But there are a lot of neat orchids on some websites that I’ve seen. If I can’t find anything where I’m at it may be my best option.IMG_4994

I do enjoy growing orchids though. What I’m really looking forward to with a new house though is being able to actually put together some flower beds and a garden. I have so many ideas that I’d like to try. And I kind of have a color scheme in my head together for it. It’ll be nice to actually have room to be able to do something like this instead of having all of my plants in pots. They’ve done well in pots but a lot of them would do so much better if they had proper room to grow. I will definitely be blogging about that. Hopefully everything goes well with getting the house closed and then I can really start getting a plan together.

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