So Far I Have Colitis

I had my Colonoscopy today. I had to prep all day yesterday for it. The worst part about it was the stuff I had to drink. It was like drinking cough syrup and I hate that taste. It made me want to puke at times. But I managed to survive.

I don’t remember any of the Colonoscopy itself thankfully. The doctor that did the procedure is actually a GI Specialist from the practice I’m a patient at. He diagnosed me so far with Colitis. He did take some biopsies so it’ll take a couple of weeks to get the pathology report from that. I’m hoping that they don’t find anything more serious but there were some things that showed up during the Colonoscopy that could possibly point towards Ulcerative Colitis but we won’t know more until the report comes back from the lab.

He did suggest that I stop eating any grains for two weeks. He said that this could be causing irritation in my colon because of the fructose that is in it. I asked if he thought I may have Celiac’s Disease but he didn’t think so. He believes that it’s just part of the fructose intolerance. He said that if I’m feeling better from avoiding grain that I may end up just sticking with it. If it does help I will be doing more research into the Paleo Diet. Luckily there is a lot of material out there on this so it wouldn’t be too hard to do.

I’m also now taking probiotics. The doctor thinks that some of the bacteria in my colon could be messed up so we’re going to give them a chance to see if they’ll help. I’m also on another med that is supposed to help with the inflammation of my colon. I will have to talk to my new insurance company(starts January 1st) about the new med though. It’s almost $9 a pill which really really sucks. Hopefully I can get something figured out. And soon.

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  1. I was 26 when I had ulcerative colitis, and for a long time it didn’t matter what I ate everything went right through me. I ended up in the hospital almost the whole month of July (Rick was born in Feb. that year) and Poppa had to take over with everything. I was just thinking about this the other night when your mom told me about your colonoscopy. They probably have better drugs for it now then they did then. They say you don’t ever get over it and I had a lung doctor tell me when I was in the hospital in June that I couldn’t have had it because I don’t have any signs of it now. Back then I use to hold things in and learned over the years to speak up when something is wrong or troubling me. I just hope that with a good diet and medication that yours doesn’t develop into anything more serious. I know Matt will take good care of you and we want to know that things are going okay with you. Love Nana

    1. I remember you telling me a little about that. I couldn’t imagine going through something like that.

      I think the colonoscopy prep messed up the bacteria balance in my colon. My stomach hasn’t been to happy since then. I’m hoping it’ll settle down over the next couple of days. So far things are going ok. I’ll have to get my new medicine straightened out with the insurance once I get my insurance cards. I’ll hopefully know more in a couple of weeks once the pathology report comes back. I’ve heard some good things about the new med I’m on and hopefully the diet helps. Hopefully it doesn’t take that long to figure out if it’s working or not. Love, Kenz

      1. I asked for prayer requests at church yesterday, and Josh Woodard’s mom was there. I gave her a hug afterwards and she asked for Cassie’s address and I called her house to give her yours as she asked for it and I didn’t know it by heart. I do now. Dinner with the family at Texas Roadhouse was fun and the roads were good so that made it better but your mom drove anyhow. She can’t seem to get a break, her facet in the kitchen broke and then she got new tires for the car and because they are 18 inch wheels they were very expensive, and now there is something else going on with the car. When it rains it pours. Hope you will soon be feeling better. Hugs and Kisses.

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