I Had Another GI Appointment Today

Today I had another doctors appointment with my GI specialist. This was basically another follow up after my stay at the hospital. My doctor is happy with the progress I’ve made since the last time I saw her. I’m definitely feeling much better. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

I did not find out what new medicine I’m being put on yet. My doctor wanted to consult with one or two of the other GIs at the practice and they were not available while I was there. I’m supposed to know by Monday what I will be on. Hopefully this new medicine works the way it’s supposed too.

I am starting to step down my steroid amount though. I’m going down 10mg every ten days so I will be on it for another 40 days. My doctor did tell me that when we get down to 10mg and below that my symptoms could come back. Hearing this did stress me out a bit. I will be in that range while I’m traveling to Ohio for a friends wedding and I would rather not be sick for that. I swear everything in my life right now has the worst timing 🙁

My fructose intolerance has been bugging me more recently. I’ve been feeling super bloated and have had some abdominal cramping along with acid reflex. I think I’ve been eating too many things that are tomato based. I plan on avoiding them for a few days to see if my stomach will settle down. I really hope it does.

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