I Found My Next Motorcycle

My current motorcycle Perrin. Mt Shasta is in the background.
My current motorcycle Perrin 🙂

I currently have a 2012 Honda CBR250R for my motorcycle. It’s the first one I’ve ever had. It’s been the perfect starter bike but I’m ready for a bigger one. My Honda does great on the back roads but I definitely don’t have enough go on the highway so upgrading to a bigger bike for me is a safety issue. I definitely need to be able to get out of the way in case something happens and my Honda does not allow for that.

The next motorcycle that I want is a Kawasaki Ninja 650. I sat on one of these motorcycles this past weekend at the dealership and I’m already head over heals in love with it. The seat is low enough for me to be able to at least tip toe it(I was in some pretty flat shoes when I did this, it’ll be a little bit easier with boots on) and the throttle and clutch leavers are adjustable which I was pretty excited about. I’m a pretty tiny person at 5’1″ so finding a bike that fits me well is huge for me.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get a new motorcycle though which is pretty depressing for me. With all of the medical bills that are coming up this year and the ones that I have gotten so far I really need to watch my spending right now. Getting a new motorcycle would cost me around $100 more a month right now and it is too soon to tell if I can afford it right now or not. I’m hoping that I get either a decent raise this year at work or promoted. Preferably promoted though. I’m definitely ready to take my career to the next level. But anyway, I won’t know about that until next month or sometime in March so it could be a few months before I figure out if I can get a new motorcycle or not. I really hope I’m able too though. I really want a new motorcycle 🙂

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