A Great Ending to My Week

I got a call from my boss early this morning and found that that I had been promoted at work! I’m super excited about this! It helped to lift some weight off of my shoulders with the pending medical bills that I will have this year.  My birthday was also this week so it was like getting a pretty awesome birthday present from work. I’m hoping that since I’ve been promoted that I might be able to afford a new motorcycle this year. But I still need to figure out the whole budget situation. Along with what the whole plan is to treat my UC since some of the medications I could end up on could have a pretty high copay. So only time will tell.

I’m also starting to think that I may be slightly lactose intolerant. I’ve noticed that when I have dairy that I get bloated and pretty burpy. I’m going to ask my GI the next time I see her if I can be tested on it. I’d definitely rather know for sure if I am or not.

A new tattoo for me is also happening within the next couple of months(yey for birthday money!). I’m pretty ecstatic about that. I want to get a lotus flower or two with a phoenix to represent the whole struggle I’ve had with being sick on and off the last three years before I got diagnosed with UC. Along with the reminder that I need to rise above it because I am not my disease. Does anyone else have any ink to represent their IBD?

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