Insurance Woes

I found out today that the insurance I had last year doesn’t cover the Prometheus Diagnostics test that I had done in December. Which really sucks because the place I got my blood drawn at checked to see if I needed prior authorization and said that I didn’t. So now I’m working on getting a letter from my doctor stating why I needed the test and that this lab is the only one who does it so that I can appeal the insurance company. Which can take up to 30 days to find out whether it’s getting paid or not.

I really hope that it does get paid other wise that’s several hundred dollars that I have to pay for that test 🙁

5 thoughts on “Insurance Woes

  1. Noooo! I’m so sorry! Insurance issues are the worst! Nothing can stress me out quicker. We should start citing the stress of insurance red tape as a cause of IBD symptoms. If they cause it, they HAVE to cover it, right?

  2. i had the same experience as well… i have my genetic tests repeated TWICE because they turned out “inconclusive” 1st… totally uncovered, totally stressed out and i appealed and lost too.

    now i have started a “gofundme” operation… i just started last night & already raised more than $400 tohelp me with my tens of $1000’s of dollars i have in medical debt. its horrifying to ask others for money, but there are caring people who want to help – do this for yourself, please. i hope you find your answers!! 🙂

    1. I got enough back from my tax refund to cover the test thankfully but I’m still going to see if I can appeal it with the insurance. It is really frustrating since Prometheus is the only lab that does these tests. I can’t imagine having it done twice though! I’m glad that the new insurance I have this year is covering the tests I’ve had done at Prometheus so far.

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