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I had another doctors appointment on Monday and so far everything seems to be going well. My doctor wants me to keep my water intake up and I’m supposed to get about 25g of fiber a day. This is to help soften my stools since I’ve gotten a little constipated. I’ll be on the budesonide for now and I don’t have to have another appointment for three months! I hope I continue to do well. Of course I’ll go back in sooner if I’m not feeling well.

I also found out that I’ll have to have another colonoscopy in November or December to check everything out to make sure that my meds are working well. Which I hope they continue to do since I don’t want to have to go on what my doctor calls the “big guns” anytime soon!

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  1. My colonoscopy was on March 12th. Dr. Swoger called to give me my report and it showed that I have had previous colitis but no recent episodes.. Wish I could show that to the lung dr. that told me last June that I couldn’t have had colitis or I would still have it. So very glad that you are starting to feel much better, and that you will be mending inside so that you don’t have to go on some nasty drug that will make you sicker before it makes you well. Love you.

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