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Questions for fellow IBD Bloggers and/or readers!

  • Do you have Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis?
  • What was the most embarrassing IBD related thing that has happened to you thus far?
  • How did you react when you were diagnosed with IBD?
  • When you were diagnosed did you already have an idea of what IBD was? if so were you right?
  • Whom is the most supportive person in your life?
  • Has the diagnosis changed your life?
  • Are you embarrassed to tell people that you have IBD, how long does it take you to tell people you have IBD?
  • What reactions have you had after telling people of your IBD?
  • What is  your main trigger food? (only one)
  • What is the best and worst part about having IBD?
  • Lastly ,Where was the odd’s place you had to take a shit!?


  • My doctors really aren’t sure as to whether I have UC or Crohn’s yet because of how my IBD is presenting itself. My inflammation is patchy but there isn’t any in my small bowel that they know of. I also don’t have granulomas. So the pathology report from my colonoscopy said it was Crohn’s but the blood work I got done said UC. So who the hell knows what it is.
  • Thinking that all I need to do is pass gas and next thing I know blood and mucus is running down my leg.
  • I was a little bummed out. It sucks that there’s not a cure for IBD. I have gotten a little depressed at times but I keep trying to move forward with my life.
  • Yeah I had a little bit of an idea of what it was. I had been doing some research as to what could be going on with me once my doctor told me that my first colonoscopy from a few years ago showed possible signs of either UC or Crohn’s.
  • It isn’t really just one person being really supportive, everyone has. But my boyfriend was super supportive when I was in the hospital. He was there everyday to see me.
  • It has a little. There are times I feel like it’s controlling my life because I can’t always control my bowels. I’m still working on getting my life back to ‘normal’.
  • I am a little embarrassed to tell people about my IBD at times. Not everyone knows what it is and then they want to know how it affects you. It can be hard to tell people that you get the bloody shits and pass mucus. Not a whole lot of people want to hear about that. And sometimes I don’t tell anyone at all that I have it and others I told right away that I did. It really depends on the vibes I get from that person.
  • What’s Ulcerative Colitis?

    I’m sorry.

    What does it do to you?

    Be positive! Really? I’d like you to be positive all the time in my shoes.

    You need to take better care of yourself. That one right there is probably the fastest way to piss me off. If this was really that simple don’t you think I’d be doing it already?!

  • Coffee
  • I have yet to figure out a best part about it. I’m not sure I ever will. And the worst part about it so far is the fact that I’ve been hospitalized by a medication that was supposed to help with the inflammation and it took 10L of IV fluids to re-hydrate me. I’m now several thousand dollars in debt because of that hospital stay. Oh and there’s no cure.
  • The oddest place I had to take a shit was a rest stop that was a couple of miles from my old apartment. I couldn’t hold it anymore; everything was forcing its way out. And I had one hell of a time finding a stall that had a toilet seat. It’s not something you want to be dealing with while your body is in the process of making you shit yourself.

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