Imuran, Enema’s & More

Today I tried to call the other GI practice in town and they haven’t been accepting new patients for three or four years now. This apparently includes getting second opinions. I’m probably going to call my PCP and ask them for a referral to another practice. So we’ll see what happens.

It’s times like this that I miss living where I used to be. I was close to so many large, well known hospitals that it would be easy to find another GI. Now that I live pretty rural, it’s a lot harder to find another GI doctor that is close to home.

So, because I couldn’t get in with the other GI practice I called my GI to let her know that my symptoms are back. I’m being started on Imuran tomorrow, along with some enema’s, and some steroid creme. I’m so not excited about this. Or very happy about it for that matter. I’m still going to be on the budesonide and all of the other supplements that I’ve been taking. I started taking Osto Bi-Flex to help with my joint pain that I’ve been having and it has made a difference so far which I’m happy about. But I just want to be better already. I wish we weren’t having such a hard time treating my IBD. I wish we actually knew as to whether I have Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

As to working in a hospital setting I’m probably going to just have to wear gloves while I’m working on equipment, wash my hands a lot and get some vaccines for the flu and pneumonia. I just don’t want to have anymore colds than I normally do every year.

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