Keeping Track of Food & Symptoms

I’m learning that this is very important when it comes to IBD. I currently use my ‘food journal’ to keep track of a lot of things. It’s helped me to narrow down what upsets my stomach by writing down what I eat for the day, what my symptoms are, how many bowel movements I’ve had. This week when I really started to flare I also used it to keep track of my temperature when I started to run a low grade fever. I also write down any new medications that I start to take or any that I took just for that day so I can also watch for side effects of those medications. I keep track of it all in a MoleSkine Journal but any old journal would work. Here’s an example from my journal:

Sample from my food journal.
Sample from my food journal.

Now, if you want to be more eco-friendly, there is a free app called GI Buddy that is ran by the CCFA to help track everything that I use my journal for. It has a web browser application and it also has mobile apps for both Apple and Android. It will also help you with tracking your medications and sending reminders to take those medications. I’ve used it a few times but I have a hard time keeping up with using the app. I’m better at using a journal for whatever reason.

If you don’t like the GI Buddy setup you could also use a free cloud application called Evernote. I use it for work and I am using it to help keep track of some of my medical history. It would be easy to make a new note for either every day, week, or month. There’s so many different ways you could set it up. It is a program that has web, PC, Apple and Android applications. There is the option to be able to encrypt your notes if you choose to do so.

Anyway you choose to do it, it’s a great idea to at least try it if you’re having problems with food or medication. For me it’s easier to write it down than remember off of the top of my head what exactly has been going on since the last time I saw my GI.

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