Another Colonoscopy & World IBD Day

I talked to my doctor this morning and after explaining to her about my rash(it’s everywhere now) she decided that we’re just going to go a head with the colonoscopy. My fever is also back. I’m no longer taking the Imuran or the antibiotics. I haven’t gotten my stool results yet so who knows what’s going on there. It takes about 5 days for them to be posted to the patient portal at the hospital so I should know what’s going on later this week. Kind of ironic that I’m having anther colonoscopy(number 3!) seeing how it’s World IBD Day. It’s also going to be a shitty way to spend Memorial Day(my colonoscopy is next Tuesday). I was looking forward to some BBQ πŸ™

This also means that I will probably be going on the biologics which will mean a fight with the insurance company I’m sure. I was looking at their forms for enrolling in their ‘specialty’ pharmacy and there isn’t even one for Ulcerative Colitis. I know my doctors don’t know what I have(they’ve been going with UC so far but aren’t 100% sure that’s it) but I think it’s some bullshit that it’s not even listed. There’s people with UC that have to go on biologics so why wouldn’t it be listed?

I just hope that this colonoscopy gives some insight as to what the hell is going on. I’ve never had one during a flare so we’ll see. I did refuse to get SuPrep because it isΒ nasty so I will be prepping with MirLax. So it shouldn’t be too bad. At least it won’t make me want to puke. I’m sure I’ll be living off of chicken broth and Gatorade for the day. Although maybe I’ll drink some jello water. I used to do that all the time as a kid, lol.

Today is also my first World IBD Day. One thing my disease has done for me is make me take advantage of the days I’m actually feeling well. Which I was able to do this past Saturday before I started feeling terrible again. You don’t realize how much you take your health for granted until it’s not there for you anymore. I hate how sick I am. I hate how I don’t know what food is going to mess me up. I hate that I keep having bad reactions to the medications that are supposed to help me. My allergy list for medications keeps getting longer and longer. I really hope that we can find a biologic that will work for me if my doctors decide to go that route.

I just want to feel better already. I’ve been in a flare for about 6 weeks now. And I’m tired of it. I’m also going to have to post-pone getting my tattoo finished unfortunately. With the fever and the rash I have right now I don’t want to put my body under any unnecessary stress if I can help it. I’m a bit bummed out about it. I was really looking forward to seeing what the finished product will look like. Maybe I’ll be feeling better in a couple of weeks and I’ll be able to get it finished. I can hope right?


β€œYou never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

8 thoughts on “Another Colonoscopy & World IBD Day

  1. I hope they find the right meds for you and quickly. Really sucks that you have to go through such a tough flare, hitting you at all angles too. Hang in there!

  2. Sorry you have to have another colonoscopy, but here’s hoping it yields some useful information.

    I don’t know how your insurance organizes their formulary, but mine had biologics separate from all the other meds used for GI issues. Maybe it’s because they’re used for things other than IBD? Who knows what logic is behind anything insurance companies do. I hope you’re able to get it approved without a fight. My Humira required a prior authorization, but it was no big deal. It was MUCH harder to get them to approve Zofran, for some reason, even though it’s much less expensive.

    1. I hope it does yield some useful info! I’m glad their taking another look instead of throwing more meds at me.

      They are separate for whatever reason. My prescription insurance is through CVS so it’s under their specialty section. They have forms to print out for each disease(like Crohn’s) and then you pick the medicine from there. They only have certain ones listed for each. I hope it isn’t that difficult to do but I haven’t had a lot of luck with insurance companies this year. Wow, that doesn’t make any sense. You think it’d be easier to get a cheaper med covered. Insurance companies always seem to do things ass backwards.

      1. CVS Caremark? That’s what I have for prescriptions too, and they approved my Humira. My doctor did all the paperwork, so I didn’t even have to mess with that crap.

          1. Glad I could help! I don’t know about biologics other than Humira, but here’s hoping they approve whatever your doctor thinks will work best for you.

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