Bum Rescue Kit – Review

I’ve been using many of these products for the last few weeks and here is what I think of them:

  • Calmoseptine Ointment – This stuff is amazing. I really like it. Highly recommended. It definitely helps with the burning and itching(you can also get it at Walgreens).
  • Wet Ones Flushables with Aloe, Vitamin E & Witch Hazel – I haven’t actually used these that often, but I definitely like them. They don’t burn like the Cottonelle ones I used once.
  • One Wipe Charlie by Dollar Shave Club. You do have to be a member of Dollar Shave Club to get these wipes but I do like them a lot. I have the travel wipes along with a pack for my bathroom
  • Angel Baby Bottom Balm – I love this stuff too. One thing that is really nice about it is how small of an container it comes in. It allows me to carry it around in my purse in case I need it throughout the day. It helps with the itching but I can’t say for sure if it’ll help with the burning. I was also able to get it at my local grocery store.
  • Yes to Cucumber Gentle Milk Cleanser – The only reason why I got this stuff is because of the Calmoseptine ointment. It said that the area needed to be cleaned with a milk cleanser. This stuff does work nicely but I don’t know if it’s actually necessary. I do like the cucumber though!
  • Balneol Hygenic Cleansing Lotion – I wasn’t all that impressed with this. I definitely like the Calmoseptine and Angel Baby Bottom Balm much better.
  • Coloplast Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment – This stuff was super helpful while prepping for my latest colonoscopy. I had gotten it while I was at the hospital back in December. It’s 71.5% petrolatum so Vasaline I would imagine would do the same thing. Vasaline is also quite a bit cheaper.

Many of these items you can apply with a cotton ball. I also use panty liners since a couple of them are a little greasy.

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