Cimzia Not Approved

Well, apparently I miss understood the call I received June 5th about the Cimzia. It was pending when that call took place. It’s not approved because it’s not a ‘preferred’ drug. So I will probably be going on Humira. Or something. I need to find out what my new GI wants to do. So I will be calling Dr. S on Monday to see what the game plan is. She may want to wait until my labs come back.

It just fucking sucks. I would like to get some relief. And now it’s going to take another few weeks to get it.

So, fuck insurance companies and their preferred drug lists. And their out of network bullshit. FUCK THEM ALL.

And please don’t tell me that it’ll all work out and to be positive. I know that it will eventually work out but, as a sick person with an incurable autoimmune disease, I’m allowed to be pissed off.

This is how I feel about my call with CareMark when I talked with them this evening:

6 thoughts on “Cimzia Not Approved

  1. Aww, that really sucks! I’m sorry they’re being jerks. I just feel like our insurance companies shouldn’t be the ones deciding what drugs we can have–that should be up to the patient and the doctor, and the insurance companies should just shut up and pay for it. When I’m the Supreme Galactic Commander, that’s how it’ll work.

    Anyhow, I hope you’re able to get started on something soon that’ll help get your symptoms under control. I wonder if you could take Humira for now while appealing the decision about the Cimzia. It can take months to go through the appeals process, and even if Humira isn’t the drug you and Dr. S want you to be on long-term, it might help relieve at least some of your symptoms. I just hate that you’re having to deal with insurance crap–you’ve got enough of your own crap to deal with!

    1. If you were the Supreme Galactic Commander and could make them do that, I’d be pretty happy! They shouldn’t get to play doctor.

      I hope I can start something soon too. I’m figuring that it’s going to be a few weeks before I find out anything for sure. Dr. S may want to start me on the Humira. I do hate the appeal process with insurance companies because the process is so long. And it’s all just applying the same paperwork every time basically. I hope it does relieve some of my symptoms. That’s all I want right now. And I hate the insurance crap. Life is stressful enough as it is, and now I’m having to deal with this. And stress does not help with my symptoms either.

  2. I’m so sorry! Insurance can be so frustrating. I’m not familiar with Cima but they started me on remicade and the approval process was insane. My tb test results were inconclusive bc I had no baseline to test from my immune system being shut down. So they had to do so a chest X ray and blood test and call in an infectious disease doctor for a referral. Mind you, 7 months prior, I had gotten a negative tb test, and had never tested positive before. results have to be every 6 months. Then, when I was in the hospital waiting to start the Remicade they had to discharge me first bc you can’t get remicade while you’re admitted. I had to get discharged. Go home. Come back to the building across the street the next morning and get the infusion. So political and ridiculous. I hope you can find a way you get the medication you need.

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