Humira Injections

I started Humira yesterday. Two of the injections were yesterday and two of them were today. I most definitely hate the fact that it is an injection. They hurt. A lot.

I did two shots in my stomach and two in my thigh. My thighs definitely seem to be more tender than my stomach. I managed to do the two shots yesterday but I wasn’t able to make myself do it today. I had to have M do them. When I have to do my next shots I will probably try and ice the injection site before I do them to see if that helps.

So far I haven’t had any bad reactions. Fingers crossed that it stays that way. And if anyone has any advice on Humira shots that would be great.

2 thoughts on “Humira Injections

  1. Yeah, for me it definitely hurts less to do the shots in my stomach, and icing beforehand also helps. It got easier for me to do them myself over time, so here’s hoping it gets easier for you, too. And that the Humira helps!

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