IBD Fatigue Scale


Fatigue is probably one of the hardest symptoms to manage with IBD. I’m really glad that research is being done on it. Some GIs seem to worry more about the bowel movement part of the disease more than anything. While that is definitely important, I think it’s also important to also look at the whole picture for a patient with IBD. I’m glad my new GI doctor took me seriously when I said I was tired all of the time and ran some blood work.

The iron supplements have been helping slowly. I am slowly starting to feel better but there are still days that I do feel really tired. And that, at times, does go along with how many bowel movements I’ve had in a day. The more I have, the more tired I will be.

If you’re interested in taking the fatigue scale test, click here.

4 thoughts on “IBD Fatigue Scale

  1. I scored 105 out of 120…yep. Even my wonderful GI doc doesn’t seem to fully understand how bad the fatigue is and how much it’s keeping me from doing. I’m glad there’s research being done on this because the lack of treatment is very, very frustrating. Even on the iron and with decent blood work, I still can’t stand up for more than a few minutes. People who know about my diagnosis look at me funny when I have to use my cane in public, and I get questions like, “Why do you need that? I thought your problem was your colon.” Very frustrating.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I feel much older than 28 because I am always finding ways to sit down vs stand at work, if I workout (like walk) I need a nap afterwards, and I go to bed before 9 pm. Fatigue is affecting my life and it seems like that symptom is being ignored!

    1. You’re welcome! I had a real hard time with fatigue and no one doing anything about it until I switched to a new GI. I then found out I had iron deficiency anemia. My old GI didn’t seem all that concerned about the fact I was tired all the time. I’m now on iron supplements and they’re slowly helping but there’s times I still feel exhausted.

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