Busy Busy Busy

The last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty busy. I was on vacation for a week while my Mom and Nana visited. I had such a great time having them visit. We got to do all sorts of stuff. Like go to Crater Lake and to the California coast. I got to learn a new card game from my Nana and my mom got to help me work on my yard. We made two new flowerbeds. One that has wildflowers in it for the birds and the other has a Honey Sickle vine in it.

My mom also got me a bird bath! It’s been cool to see the birds use it. I’m sure they’re grateful for it. It’s been 100+ a lot the last few weeks. I’m ready for some cooler weather to be here.

Jäger also had surgery this week to have some cysts on his head removed. We aren’t sure what caused them but he had a scar where the cysts were forming. We didn’t know he had a scar there. We got him from one of the rescues in the area. He’s doing good today but it’ll take him a while to get used to the cone. He has to wear it for the next two weeks.

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