I Hate Charity Challenges

More accurately, I have what they have turned into. You’re so cool dumping that water on your head so you don’t have to donate money to ALS. Or with the cold water challenge, any charity of your choice. But in my opinion, you’re not cool. You suck. You’re doing some stupid popularity stunt to get internet karma. Even if you can’t donate the whole $100, donate something dammit. Something is better than nothing.

And hell, how about you dump the ice water on your head and donate money to charity? Ever think of that? Many of these charities(depending on what you donate too) help people with chronic illness and help to fund research. Not sure what to donate too? Do your own damn research. The world is at your fingertips. Find something to be passionate about. But please, just donate to charity.

6 thoughts on “I Hate Charity Challenges

  1. Yeah, most awareness campaigns annoy me. I mean, what good does awareness actually do? So people know ALS exists, big deal. That doesn’t actually help the people living with it.

    I don’t know if you know of Misha Collins, but his video is pretty much perfect.

    I also get really resentful because awareness campaigns for IBD never get earned media or become internet sensations. We’re not “disabled enough” like people with ALS, it’s not common like heart disease, and it’s not like breast cancer where people can be all “YAY BOOBS.” And on the rare occasion that IBD does get public awareness, it’s always Crohn’s disease, not UC. A lot of the time, I just tell people I have Crohn’s because no one’s ever heard of UC. Basically, I resent feeling invisible.

  2. That is pretty much exactly how I feel. I get jealous. I wish people knew more about IBD and how it affects people. I wish that much money got to be donated to the CCFA to find better medications and work for a cure. I’ve had to tell people before that I sort of had Crohn’s but UC isn’t Crohn’s(this was before the Indeterminate Colitis).

    That is a great video!

    I got into a debate yesterday with a person who feels that people should be impartial with their donations and donate to the worst diseases first until there’s a cure. Like ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, ect. This person felt that IBD was way down on the list for receiving donations because one causes death, and the other just makes you poop your pants. Seriously? You have no idea how debilitating IBD can be. How much pain it puts a person through and people still die from complications with IBD. I was pretty angry about it. Basically, because we’re not terminal we don’t deserve any fucking donations for research. I really wanted to tell that person to go fuck themselves.

    1. Ugh, fuck that person! That’s just a socially acceptable way of saying, “Shut up, you’re not that sick.” I don’t think I would’ve had the self-control not to say something really bitchy, which would probably include threatening to shit blood in their shoes.

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