Would You Swallow Poop Pills?

If it helped my Colitis I would. There’s some new research coming out for C. Diff with fecal transplants using frozen poop in pills. I know what there is some research being done in regards to IBD with fecal transplants. And if it worked, I’d definitely take the damn pills. I’m sure that some people find it gross but it’s not any worse than what comes out of my body at times. I’d rather have to take those pills than get the Humira shots every month. The fecal transplant would have lesser side effects. Like not giving you an increase risk of getting Lymphoma or being at a higher risk of getting nasty infections.

So, yeah. I’d take the poop pills.

2 thoughts on “Would You Swallow Poop Pills?

  1. I’d do FMT in a heartbeat.

    I mentioned it offhandedly to my gastroenterologist today, and he went on a rant about how the FDA and drug companies have made FMT virtually unavailable to people. Then he apologized, and I’m like, “Nah, dude, I like people who rant, and I totally agree with you.” He said he had a patient who’d had C. diff. for over a year, and he had to send the guy to Canada for FMT because the FDA has made it so inaccessible in the US. It’s cheap, especially compared to drugs like biologics, and it has virtually no side effects. Meanwhile, the FDA has no problem with me taking drugs that can cause leukemia, lymphoma, bone marrow toxicity, liver toxicity, pulmonary toxicity, brain infections, and death. But yeah, let’s make FMT unavailable to protect people’s health. THAT makes sense.


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