Flaredown – App For Chronic Illnesses


This is an app that is in development to help monitor your chronic illnesses. It looks better than a lot of the apps that I’ve seen for stuff like this. I currently use GI Buddy and this looks a lot better. And it’s not going to just be for Crohn’s or UC. It’s going to be for all chronic illnesses. I donated to it to help get it funded. They’re less than $2,000 short of their goal. If you’re able to donate to this or could share it with other people who have chronic illnesses so we can get the word out about it, that would be great. I’d love to see this app get funded.

I signed up to get early access for this. So if it gets fully funded and goes through I’ll let everyone know what I think of it and do updates on here!

2 thoughts on “Flaredown – App For Chronic Illnesses

  1. This app sounds like it has a lot of potential! So excited to hear about it! Looks like a great way to stay organized on a daily basis and play an active role in your health. The future of personalized medicine is already here with this app! Keep us updated!! 🙂

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