Psoriasis, Thoughts & Humira

The thought of having Psoriasis have been consuming my thoughts this week. There’s times it’s a bit depressing. I don’t even have a severe case of it right now. But it’s all over my face where people can see it. If I’m not using the steroids you can’t really see it. The steroids make it super red. So right now I have red splotches all over my cheeks.

I’m now tempted to start wearing makeup. I haven’t worn much of it in the last like 4-5 years. I wore it while I was in college waitressing but since then I only wear it on occasion. But with so much redness on my face it’s making me feel self conscious. So now I have do decide whether I want to go through the effort of buying it and doing my makeup. I don’t think that it will be an every day thing because it does go away with my Humira shot but it doesn’t stay gone.

With the Psoriasis I now have another autoimmune disease to learn to live with. Learn to manage. Learn what works for me and what doesn’t.

I’m still waiting to see if my Humira dosage is going to be upped. And that’s another thing that worries me. If it is upped to once a week I don’t know what I’m going to about traveling for work. M gives me my injections bi-weekly right now. The thought of giving myself the injections gives me anxiety. ┬áThe last two times I’ve had to give myself the injections I’ve messed both of them up. And within the next couple of years I may be gone for a month because of training for work. I’ll also have to figure out something with the pharmacist and all that. I’ll just have to deal with that when the time comes though.

2 thoughts on “Psoriasis, Thoughts & Humira

  1. Hello. I have psoriasis too. It sucks. Your post reminded me of when mine was at it’s worst: when I was first diagnosed.

    I think you should try the makeup out. I don’t wear much either but with flare ups it can really help at work. I’ve been using BB creams lately for the coverage. It might be worth the effort if it can help keep your self esteem up and help you feel more normal.

    I’m so curious: what is the Humira like? Does it help?

    My diagnosis came when I was like 6 y/o, and it’s been at least a couple decades since then. They didn’t know much about it then so there weren’t a lot of treatment options. I’m only just learning more about the new research developments lately and I find it fascinating.

    I started a blog about it too if you want to check it out: Meanwhile, I hope you feel better soon.

    PS – about the pharmacy thing and having to be away from work – sometimes it helps to use a big chain pharmacy that takes your insurance. I use Target and anytime I travel I can go to a Target there and they can look me up. It helps because I’ve traveled a lot for work, etc…

    Good luck. Cheers. Psoria-friend.

    1. I’ll have to look into getting some BB creams. I definitely want to feel more normal when my skin is going crazy.

      The Humira definitely helps but I hate that it’s an injection. My derm wants to possibly up my dose to weekly but he has to talk to my GI about it.

      I’m sorry to hear that you got diagnosed with it at such a young age. I haven’t looked too much into the research yet on it. I really need to take some time to do that.

      The pharmacy I use is a specialty pharmacy by CVS. They overnight my Humira to me. It’ll be something I’ll have to call them about and discuss how to handle it. Maybe they can ship it to a close CVS pharmacy and I can pick it up there.

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