Colitis & Psoriasis

I realized this week that when my psoriasis is doing good my colitis is doing bad. Which sucks. I can’t win when it comes to my immune system. I feel like there’s always going to be something wrong.

I don’t know if my immune system can only focus on one part of my body at a time. Or if it’s just in over drive all the time and the Humira can only focus on one system at a time? All I know is that it sucks.

Next Tuesday I’m going to go and see my PCP. I think I might have a sinus infection. I’ve had a lot of phlegm in the back of my throat the last couple of months. So I’ll find out what’s going on with that on Tuesday.

I’ve also been super tired the last week. I’m not really sure what it’s in relation to. Whether it’s the Colitis or whatever is going on with my sinuses. All I know is that I’m getting run down.

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