More Prednisone & Humira!

Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks I’ve started to go into a flare. And it sucks. I had an absolutely horrible day at work last Friday. I ended up shitting my pants at the hospital I was working at. I keep an emergency kit in my car for these instances and I’m glad I did. And when it happened I was in the bathroom working on getting to the toilet. I just ended up staring up at the ceiling not believing that this was happening to me. It felt like I spent more time in the bathroom that day at work instead of actually fixing equipment.

I struggled the rest of the day to not burst into tears. It sucks being 26 yrs old and shitting your pants in a public place. I walked out of the hospital to my car hoping no one would notice the wet spots on my pants. I called my GI later that afternoon and left Dr. M’s nurse a voice mail explaining what happened. I didn’t hear back from the GI practice until Monday. They decided that my Humira needed to be weekly for 3 weeks. I’m also on a quick round of Prednisone. I started out at 40mg and I’m dropping 10mg every 4 days.

The timing of this flare is terrible. I’m supposed to be leaving for Ohio for work on Monday. I also had a hell of a week this week at work. I’m starting to feel better but at the same time the stress isn’t helping. Stress poops suck.

I hope that I go off of the prednisone well this round. The last time I was on it was for 2.5 months. Right when I got to around 20mg my symptoms started showing up again. My GI also said that if I continue to have problems with flares my Humira dose may be upped to weekly. I’m also hoping that my psoriasis doesn’t flare when I come off of the oral steroids.

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