Humira & Prednisone Update

So far this combination is working. It took probably about 6 days to fully kick in. Last Friday I was a bit stressed out at work and that did not help matters but now I’m feeling much better.

I’m now on 20mg of prednisone and I’m hoping that the rest of the taper goes well. I really don’t want to be on it for weeks like I was last time. Hopefully I don’t have to start taking Humira weekly anytime soon. But I think within the next month or two, as long as this taper goes well, we’ll find out for sure.

Part of me is worried that I built up antibodies to the Humira. The only way to check that is with blood tests. If I continue to have problems I’m probably going to request the blood work for that.

I’m so thankful that my GI is willing to work with me over the phone. All I had to do was leave a message for his nurse and everything was taken care of. My GI is 3 hrs away so this was very helpful. I would of drove up to see him but I don’t think that there would of really been a point to that. He could of done blood work to check my CRP(checks inflammation lvls in the body) & WBC counts but that’s a long way to drive for something like that.

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