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WEGO Health: The top story of today is…YOU. Share with your readers your proudest accomplishments in the last 5 years. Don’t be shy, tell us everything!

I have a few accomplishments that I’m proud of. Graduating from college Cum Laude with a 3.64 GPA with a BS in Biomedical Engineering Techonolgy is probably one of my proudest accomplishments. College didn’t start out well for me. By the time I transferred during my Sophomore year to DeVry University I had a pretty shitty GPA. I think it was 2 something. I managed to turn that around and get some really good grades. My worst grade was a C in Java but I suck at programming.

I was also pretty sick during my last semester at DeVry. I didn’t know I had IBD at the time and I was in a flare. I made it through though. I was working, doing an internship, taking classes and working on my senior project. I survived it. And I’m proud that I did.

My next accomplishment is getting the job I have now. I got it within a couple of months of getting out of college. They were the first company to interview me and hire me. I repair xray equipment for them. I work on xray rooms, fluoroscopy rooms, CTs, surgical C-Arms and mobile xray units. I’ll eventually be getting trained on MRIs. I’m really happy that I have the job I do. I have awesome benefits and I love the work I do. It wasn’t what I planned on doing with my career but I’m glad things worked out the way they did.

I also realize that I’m lucky that I can do the work that I can. I know that there is a lot of people out there with IBD that struggle to keep their jobs or their on disability. I’m so thankful that hasn’t happened to me yet. My boss has been very understanding this whole time. I’m also one of those people that will work even when I’m not feeling the greatest. Which isn’t always the best idea but working in hospitals and clinics means that there are bathrooms everywhere!

Another thing I’m proud of is the fact that I own my house. I had been renting since I was 18 between college dorms and apartments. The house I have right now is not my forever home but it’s a great starter home. I can do what I want with the paint colors. My dogs have a back yard to play in. And I can garden to my hearts content.

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