World Health Day #HAWMC

WEGO Health: April 7th is World Health Day – so let’s talk about daily nutrition and diet. After your diagnosis, did you alter your diet or health routine? If so, how? How do you maintain a healthy regiment?

After I got diagnosed with a fructose malabsorption I definitely changed my diet. There are a lot of foods that have fructose in them. Like pop, honey, veggies, fruits, fruit juices, cereals, yogurt, bread, ect. I had to start reading labels on everything I bought. Avoiding fructose definitely helps a lot.

Over the years I’ve tried going dairy free and gluten free. Neither of which helped. The gluten free might work now that I know I have a fructose malabsorption. I’ve been suggested vegetarian diets, vegan diets, Paleo and low FODMAP diets. The FODMAP diet was suggested by a dietitian and the Paleo diet was suggested by a GI at my current practice.

I’m looking more into the low FODMAP diet. I really think that this would be my best option. I have kept a food journal in the past to help me to figure out food to eat and that did help me figure out a few things. I started keeping my food journal in Evernote this week. I really want to be better at keeping track of food and my symptoms.

And I try to maintain a healthy regiment by doing homemade whenever I can. I try to not eat a whole lot of processed foods but that doesn’t always happen. For a while I was counting calories using My Fitness Pal but I haven’t really been doing that for a while. I’m working on being more active by walking my dogs more and going to the gym. I also have a Fitbit and try to meet my daily step goal. Some days are better than others though!

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