Bye Bye Bye, A Letter To my Former GI Doctor #HAWMC

WEGO Health: Living with an illness, you are more likely to face, people who don’t understand your daily struggles. Sometimes, these people can be inconsiderate and hurtful. Have you ever wanted to tell them how you really feel, but didn’t feel like you were able to? Now is your chance! Write an open letter to the people who have hurt you. What would you say to them? What lessons would you like them to learn?

Dear Former GI Doctor,

Your bedside manor is horrible. Please do not tell anymore patients what their treatment options are when they’re coming out of anesthesia after having a colonoscopy. Especially if they’re already upset and bawling their eyes out like I was. Don’t tell me about surgery then. At that point we hadn’t tried all of the options out there. And don’t tell me it will “cure” my “Ulcerative Colitis” that you thought I had. I’m so glad I went and saw another GI doctor and that they’re keeping me with Indeterminate Colitis. I’m also very happy that they put me on Humira since so far it has been working.

I don’t feel that removing my colon is a cure for UC. I will still have an autoimmune disease but you are just removing the part that is most affected. There are a lot of things to think about before going through something like that. And it’s not like I can put it back in. Also, don’t ask me if I want to keep living like this for the rest of my life. No, I don’t want to live like this you asshole. I do not enjoy shitting blood and being anemic. But I’m also not ready for surgery.


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