Flaredown Beta Has Begun!

Last night I got to start using the Flaredown app and so far I love it! Here’s what I had to do to set up an account:

So far I have changed what conditions I’m tracking. I got rid of arthritis since I haven’t been diagnosed with it and added Fructose Malabsorption. What’s nice about the symptoms, treatments and conditions pages is that you can add stuff that isn’t there. Like Indeterminate Colitis. Or rectal bleeding. You aren’t limited by what the website allows. It allows you to keep track of what you want.

I really like how checking in every day works. It looks great on my computer and on my cell phone:

I love that I can add doses for my medications. And it’s nice that it doesn’t tell me that I missed a dose considering that Humira is currently biweekly. It’s nice to be able to tag my days for moods, headaches, menstruation, ect. I’ll also be able to tag fruits and veggies like cucumbers to see if they’re bugging me. Here is what a summary of a day looks like:

Currently I use the notes at the end of the day to keep track of how many BMs I’m having. They’re planning on eventually people being able to add that under symptoms but right now it isn’t available. There also aren’t any graphing capabilities but I’m hoping that will be out soon. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of this is affecting my body and how it trends.

Right now this is only available on the web which I don’t really mind. It still looks great on my phone even as a web page and is still really easy to use. With how the app is set up currently you log your day as an average. You don’t do separate logs for mornings, afternoons and evenings. It would be interesting if that was available to see how you’re symptoms were throughout the day but I really like just being able to put all of this in one spot. I do like it better so far than GIBuddy. I’m really looking forward to how this develops over the next few months.

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