I Hate Park Restrooms

Monday for me was not a very good day. I hadn’t had a BM in a couple of days and I knew that one would be coming. Didn’t know when, just knew at some point that I would have to go to the bathroom.

I had to drive to the next town over for work that day. It takes about 1.25 hrs for me to get there. I started to get the feeling that I had to go to the bathroom about 15-20 minutes out from the hospital. Got bad cramping, cold sweats and felt like I really had to go.

Where I live in Oregon there aren’t a whole lot of restrooms in between towns. I was hoping that I would make it to the clinic where I had to work that day. It got to the point where I didn’t think I was going to make it so I stopped at a park that I drive by on the way.

The restrooms by the lake are apparently closed for the winter but the sign said that the restrooms by the soccer fields were open. So I hopped back in my car and drove to across the street to the other restrooms. These restrooms were open but when I went in there wasn’t a stall door. WHO DOES THAT?! Who decides that restrooms shouldn’t have stall doors?!

I decided that I had no interest in making eye contact with someone if they walked in on me having a BM so I held it until I got to the clinic I had to work at that day. I’m happy that I did and didn’t lose control of my bowels. I was definitely stressed out about it.

I will definitely not be stopping at those bathrooms again though.

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