BuzzFeed on What It’s Like To Hear “Just Get Better”


As a person with chronic illness, I can definitely relate to this. I’m pretty sure that at some point or another I have been told to “just get better”. The one phrase that I remember the most is that cut the deepest was “you just need to take better care of yourself.” Really? It’s not that simple. You can take your medications how your doctor prescribes them and you can still have your symptoms flare up. You can do everything right and still have your body turn against you.

This is also how I feel when people tell me to “just be positive.” There are times that you just need to be angry. You have to deal with those emotions so you can move forward.

Honey, let it out. Be pissed if you’re pissed. Be scared if you are scared. Be real. Pushing every negative emotion to the back burner means that those pots are still simmering.”
-Danea Horn

So please, don’t get mad at us if we seem frustrated when we hear advice like this. We’re doing the best we can and hearing “Just get better,” doesn’t actually make anything better.

4 thoughts on “BuzzFeed on What It’s Like To Hear “Just Get Better”

  1. So true . When we are down , we don’t need any suggestions but need to be left as such . We know caring people around us care very much but sometimes we can’t help. And want be ourselves at that moment in time .

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