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2016-06-23 21.21.33“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.“

Tired of carrying around pill bottles and pill boxes? I know have been in the past. This is where PillSuite comes in.

PillSuite is a system that allows you to sort your pills into biodegradable bags that are easy to use. The system comes with a sorter, a sealer, batteries, and biodegradable bags when you buy one of their kits. The sorter allows you to sort seven sections/days worth of pills at a time. You put them in the “hopper” portion of the sorter and it has a funnel attached to it. This makes it a lot easier to get the pills into the bags!

After they’re in the bags the sealer then seals them. It’s really easy to use. You just line the bag up and push a button on top to seal it. The system reminds me a lot of my Food Saver, only it doesn’t suck all of the air out of the bags. It just uses heat to seal them. After they’ve been sealed they’re ready to go!

PillSute also made sure that there is space on the bags that allow you to write on them. This will come in handy for me if I ever have to go back on Prednisone(fingers crossed I don’t flare anytime soon!). It will make things a lot easier for me when I have to taper off of it. This system would be an advantage to anyone who has to taper off of any pill medication. You could set everything up as soon as you get back from the pharmacy! It would save you a lot of guess work while you’re tapering. Another advantage of being able to write on them is that you can write AM/PM on them, people’s names, what it contains, etc.

These nifty little bags will also come in handy on short trips or pills that need to be taken while I’m at work. I look forward to being able to use them while I’m camping or when I have to go out of town for a few days. If I have to be out of town for a few weeks I probably won’t use the bags. It would just be easier to travel with the bottle at that point, depending on what I need to take with me.

One thing I did find about these PillSuite bags is that if you have gummy vitamins they do become stale and chewier after a while. This is because the bag has a perforated edge to make it easier to open them when you’re reading to take your pills. I would not recommend doing more than 3 or 4 days at a time with gummy vitamins in these bags. Unless you don’t mind them becoming chewier and then, by all means, do your full stay!

In the end, I definitely recommend PillSuite. Their product is pretty good and it doesn’t cost a whole to get started($29.95). The refills on the bags are also reasonable! $7.95 for 400 bags isn’t bad at all! It’s available here on Amazon and also on the PillSuite site.



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