Kawasaki Ninja 400 Was Totaled; Time for a Rebuild

Kawasaki Ninja 400 Was Totaled; Time for a Rebuild

You read that right. My 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 is totaled. My husband borrowed it for a track day that he went to in October and low sided the bike pretty early in the day. Now, mind you, my bike was not a dedicated track bike at this time. I hadn’t rode it on the street in a long time because I broke my hand in October of 2020 and that took a long time to heal and rehab.

Now, my husband does have his own track bike. A 2018 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 that is a dedicated track bike. But, my husband was none done with doing the work on his forks at the time so his bike was still a part in the garage. So he borrowed my bike. Needless to say he is no longer allowed to ride my bike.

He called me that morning and told me that he had wrecked my bike. I seriously thought he was joking. Earlier that morning he had sent me a reel on Instagram about needing witness protection for getting a scratch on a motorcycle. So when he called me I kept asking him if he was joking. And unfortunately he was not! Matt was just fine thankfully but full of regret for breaking my motorcycle.

It took me several days of debating to decide whether I wanted to fix my motorcycle or just turn it into a dedicated track bike. In the end I decided to total my bike and turn it into a dedicated track bike. I was actually pretty beat up about the whole process. I really liked this bike and was enjoying riding it on the street before I broke my hand. But it was going to be a lot of work to get it where I wanted it to be. I loved the faring color scheme of this bike. We also couldn’t find any OEM farings in this color. Another thing that contributed to this decision was that when we do go riding we tend to ride dirt now.

So, dedicated track bike it is! Here are the projects that will be done on Lilith:

  • Hot Bodies kit
  • Norton Motorsports Ninja400R Clutch Rebuild
  • Leo Vince Exhaust
  • New Spools
  • Alternator, Clutch & Water Pump Covers
  • Rear Sets
  • Clip Ons

I will be blogging more about this process over the next month or so. So stay tuned!

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